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2014 Yearly Numerology Prediction : Birth Number 7

Number 7 (NEPTUNE) (those born on the 7th, 16th and 25th in any month)

General Forecast :

You will find much success this year, so if one door is locked, don’t stress. Just try another. 2014 will be best year of life. You can use this year for expansion, social status, foreign travel, Spiritual guidance etc.

Money, Career and Business :

You are creative and work with full vigor. You have the tendency to work in a disciplined and systematic way.  Starting of new business or expansion of existing business is likely this year. You are enthusiastic and generous. You have excellent leadership qualities but you should try to control your anger. People engaged in business may identify huge growth in turnover. You are slightly rude by nature and you should try to change this behavior. You are very much concerned about your prestige that’s why you work with loyalty. They may get quick rotation of money which makes life easier. Those who have invested in previous years will gain surplus dividends this year. 2014 will be most lucky year for you. Who is in Spiritual , Consultancy, Trading, Service business may get super duper success. This is the time to expand business globally. Foreign fund will help more to achieve your goal. 2014 will bring huge profit which you may not be seen in past 1-2 years. You may be interested in occult subjects.

Marriage and Love :

If you are single, you may now meet someone special who may have an enormous impact on your life. Dig deep and start paying attention to your loved ones. If there’s a problem, fix it and move on. A baby may now be part of the plan, and conception may become more possible than any other time this year. Changing your reaction to problems or offering more love than usual will help bring your family, friends and loved ones back to where they should be – loving you.   If you already are in love, you will likely grow closer this year. There may be frequent journeys on several occasions. You may prefer traveling to overcome your stress and strain.

Health :

Issues relating to your mother’s health might crop up and you are likely to be more spiritual and deep into charity work during this time.  It is better to avoid spicy and oily food. Drink more water and eat more food which gives iron to body. Consume vitamin supplements that can recharge your body.

Celebrities :

Ekta Kapoor, Charlie Chaplin, Karan Johar, Katrina Kaif, Saif Ali Khan, Mahendra Singh Dhoni,

Favorable Months : January, February, April, July, October, November

Lucky Days : Monday and Wednesday

Lucky Color : Biscuit  and Pista Color

Hirav Shah’s advice for the year 2014 : Keep clarity !


With Regards,

Hirav Shah